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Van Martin Productions represents over 200 specialists in the area of psychic phenomena and entertainment. We provide talent to private and corporate clients on a national and international basis. Please contact our office (800-511-3625) to discuss your specific event, needs and requirements.

Mind Readers - Mentalism - ESP

Education • Motivation • Entertainment
The following are the elements of a productive meeting. Our hypnotists, mentalists, mindreaders, intuition experts use BUSINESS THEATRE to combine these elements plus a fourth, often overlooked element:
CUSTOMIZATION - Each presentation can be customized to firmly anchor your objectives and deliver your message to your audience. Some of Our programs include:
EXPANDING THE POWER OF THE MIND (Entertainment and Motivation) - A high content, riveting motivational talk that will energize and excite your audience with a dramatic call to action which can be geared specifically toward sales, management and customer service.
LAWS OF THE MIND - Conquer imaginary limitations and walls of intimidation. Learn how to master change by shattering old paradigms. Find out why the motor that drives the world is fueled, not by physical energy, but rather, by mental energy.
A FUN EVENING WITH HYPNOSIS (Entertainment) - This performance shows how we become what we think about. Using theater of the mind, participants will be able to talk like Martians, sing like Elvis, or entertain like their favorite celebrity. One minute, participants feel glued to their chairs, unable to take action. The next minute, they are able to jump to their feet, motivated and ready to perform. This unique entertainment presentation illustrates how a diet of productive mental thoughts can produce immediate, positive change.
MIND POWER SEMINAR (Education) - How do you remember names, directions, or to-do lists? What powerful mental exercise can you use five minutes each day to eliminate stress? How can you learn while driving jogging, or sleeping? Find out as the topics of memory skills, self-hypnosis and subliminal learning techniques are addressed in the Mind Power Seminar.
ESP and MENTALISM SHOW - The ESP and Mentalism Show challenges people to think. Our mentalist creates the illusion of mindreading. Audience members can challenge them with the card they are thinking of or the amount of money in their pocket. Their thoughts, dreams, and ideas can become a unique part of each performance. If it's a long lost friend...a secret wish... or someone's exact moment of can be part of the ESP and Mentalism Show.

Mentalism and ESP Shows are light, mystifiying and packed with rare humor. Due to audience participation, this is comedy at its best. Comedy / hypnotism works because of the combination of the power of suggestion, subliminal persuasion.

Some of the performers represented by Van Martin Productions in the above areas include:
Ehud Segev, "The Mentalizer"Segev is a mentalist. The Mentalist, if he has his way. And yes, he can bend spoons. He can twist 'em around and make 'em break apart right before your eyes. He's also good with card tricks. Twenty-five-year-old Israeli magic man Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer, practices a more mystical form of illusion, based on his alleged capacity for telekinesis, telepathy and all that fun mind-bending stuff.  
Robert IanRobert Ian through his Motivational Speeches, Magic, Hypnosis, Mind and Power Workshops he will take stressful, complex issues and creates easy to understand ideas. His expertise is helping your audience feel good about the process of change. His proprietary teaching method will help your audience uncover the hidden opportunities that surround them at this very moment.  
Marc SkyThe Women's League of Metuchen NJ may never be the same, now that Mindreader Marc Sky has played with their minds."I'm on target about 90 percent of the time," he said of his mindreading feats. "If I don't connect the first time, then I'll try someone else in the audience." Ever since he was 5 years old, Mr. Sky said, he has been fascinated by the power of the mind and its different creative possibilities. "I used to memorize my mother's shopping list," he said. "She thought it was pretty weird."  
Danny MooreAs a comic, magician and hypnotist Denny has shared the stage with people like Anthony Newley, Malcolm MacDowell, Emmy Lou Harris, Melissa Ethridge, Pat Cooper and others. Today, he has combined his years of experience onstage into one big show. An evening with Denny More includes stand-up comedy, astounding feats of E.S.P., hilarious and amazing magic and off-the-hook hypnosis. He currently keeps busy throughout the year working for casinos, corporate events, colleges, theatres and comedy clubs.  
Ann johnsonAnn Johnson is known as the "Self Help Psychic." She has read auras and palms for the rich and famous and fabulous everyday people for 25 years. While working as an actress on Broadway, Ann first developed her innate psychic ability by reading for her fellow actors about love relationships. Because of her professional experience as an entertainer, her ease with large groups of people and her intuitive understanding of peoples' needs, Ann found herself in demand as a psychic reader and soon became the number one Palm and tarot card reader at New York events.  

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