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Interactive Activities - Sumo Wrestling, Bouncy Boxing, Hermit Crab Races with
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Sumo Wrestling, Bouncy Boxing, Hermit Crab Races with

Interactive parties and entertainment activities are one of Van Martin Productions most poopular request.

Interactive Activities

Interactive ActivitiesHigh Definition Photos - this system enables you and your guests to be superimposed into over 100 different scenes, some of which include: magazine covers, skydiving, more. Can be produced on personalized matte frames, lucite frames, t- shirts, personalized calendars, mouse pads, cd boxes, ceramic mugs, phone cards.

Old Fashioned Photos - dress up in costumes from the late 1800's and receive authentic looking tintype photos, complete with antique matte frames.

Sports Cards - authentic looking baseball, football, hockey, and basketball cards complete with official stats, the guest of honor's name and individual's name. Includes Lucite holder.

Photo Slide Viewers - our photographers take photos throughout your event. Each person who has their picture taken is handed a card with a number on it. That number will coincide with their viewer at the end of the event.

Coney Island Picture Booth - old fashioned style picture booth, where guests go in and receive a color Polaroid that has 4 different poses for each guest.

Theme Photos - dress up in exciting outrageous costumes. You name it, we'll dress  em'up and send them home with their photo in a frame. Magnets, lucite frames and keychains available.

Krazy ID's - let us create photo licenses, id's, cash cards or credit cards, horoscope cards, and more. Dozens of choices

Photo Sticker Machine - get your photo taken and made into 13 stickers. Includes special effects backrounds.

Photo Stamp Machine - get your photo taken and made into an ink stamp. Includes special effects backgrounds.

Morph Machine - the Morphosis machine brings new technology to your event. Guests step into the booth and choose from 3 different options.

Travel Mode - player is superimposed into different scenes around the world.

Morph Mode - Player is morphed with an animal or famous piece of art.

Gene Mode - 2 players step into the booth, computer takes each players picture and takes features from each to design new person. The computer takes each player through the process. Players get to operate the machine by pushing different buttons. Each player receives a photo.

Virtual Makeover - create a new you, for men and women. Change your hair color, style, add a mustache, change the color of your eyes, reshape your lips, no problem! Our beauty expert can change everything about the way you look through our computer. Each participant goes home with a video printout of their makeover.

Interactive Scrabble - players enter a giant inflatable ball pit with letters marked on each ball. Teams are formed and participants scramble in the pit to find lettered balls which they pass on to team members outside the pit who try with their team to form words and score points.

Double Pop A Shot, Electronic Football, Baseball: guests try to score baskets, throw touchdowns, or strikes. (electronic scoring)

Slap Shot Hockey - try to score off our live goalie!

Play by Play - be a sportscaster, choose your favorite sport and receive a videotape segment from the game with you calling the play by play. (picture by picture)

Sports Trivia Person - surf Simulator and/or Snow Board Simulator: Guests stand on our surfboard or snowboard and move their bodies which in turn control the surfer or snowboarder they see on the screen.

Sumo Wrestling - transform your guests into overweight sumo competitors. Also available in football fatties with team uniforms and helmets.

Sports Wheel - the wheel consists of 24 different baseball and football teams. Guests try to pick which team the wheel will stop on to win prizes.

Interactive Virtual Baseball And/Or Golf - we provide your guests with foam coated electronic bat or club. When you swing your bat or club you control the batter or golfer on the screen.

Robotic Boxing -like rock em sock em robots, but, these are 4'high. Score points by knocking your opponents block off. Complete with ring.

Bungee Run - guests see how far they can run in this giant inflatable runway with bungee cords harnessed on, before they're snapped back.

Sports Cards - authentic looking baseball, football, hockey and basketball cards complete with stats, guest of honor's name and individual's name.

Video Games/Pinball Machines all the newest in video and pinball games. You name it, we've got it.

Gladiator Jousts - two people stand on giant inflatable pedestals and try to knock each other off with giant padded rods.

Sports Cages - radar measures how fast you throw the ball or your distance. Avail…speed pitch, football throw, soccer kick, tennis cage, golf driving cage.

Bouncy Boxing - players compete in a giant inflatable ring with oversized boxing gloves.

Giant Slide - 30' giant slide is a hit at any event.

Giant Twister - just like the home game, but, 10 times bigger. Up to 10 players compete at a time

Castle Bounce - kids love to bounce for hours, available in various shapes and sizes.

Grand Prix Racers - 20'x30' oval raised track with 4 steering wheels on the outside.

Hermit Crab Races -Its incredible. Totally cool and outrageous. Bet a hunch on your favorite hermit crab, their shell decorated in radical colors. Winners receive prizes.

Boxing Bag - throw your best punch or kick. Computer readout measures your results.

Prize Crane - exciting arcade game where players control a "claw"-like crane and pick up candy or stuffed animals and maneuver it into the bin to win the prize.

Shuffle Bowling Alley - popular arcade and bar game where players throw a disc down the alley and knock bowling pins down.

Pro Am Racing - 2 players compete with radio controlled cars to see who can make it around the track most times with in the time allowed.

Caterpillar - giant 50' obstacle kids love to crawl through with slide at the end.

Surgery - just like the game operation, but, 8'long, players use giant tongs to carefully try to take specified body parts out of the patient board. Lights and buzzers are activated when the tongs touch the sides.

Bungee Bull - sit on a bucking bronco bull, surrounded by inflatable mats. Participants pull cords that rock the bull while the rider tries to keep his or her balance and stay on.

Water Wars - opponents stand in special launching areas 50' apart. We provide water balloons for them to launch through the top of the unit and hit each other.

Strata Ball - players score points by tossing giant 52"colored balls into color coordinated huge tower cylinders. Great for team building.

Real Puncher - hot new video game where players compete against another competitor or against the machine. The screen will show what the players look like after the match is ended.

Acroflight - flip, spin, and twist on this trampoline while being connected to bungee cords.

Hi Ball - a fast and furious game derived from basketball and volleyball, each team of 4 tries to defend and score baskets in an inflatable bouncer.

Human Foosball - enter in our 30'x50' arena attached with harness, which allows the players to move within their own area.

Super Trikes - we design a course using cones and banners. Racers jump on their giant tricycles fully protected and race down the runway.

Rock Climbing Wall - 25' molded rock wall. Each climber is fitted with a safety harness that will lower them to the ground after reaching the top.

Rodeo Roper - the rider sits on the horse, when the calf comes rolling out in front your job is to lasso the calf as quickly as you can.

Velcro Obstacle Challenge - slip into our velcro suits and compete side to side in our vast inflatable course featuring inclined surfaces, tunnel tubes, walls, netting all covered in velcro. Great for Olympics and team building.

Human Bowling - climb into our giant steel ball and let us roll you down the inflatable lane towrd 5' pins.

Off With Your Head - each contestant is dressed in a king or queen costume that covers their whole body. The suit has a fake head attached by velcro which the opponent tries to knock off the plastic axe.

Hollywood Screen Test - star in your own TV Commercial. Choose from over 100 commercials. Guests receive a video of performance.

Laser Kareoke

Music Videos - dress in costumes, lip sync and use props. With chroma-key process you are superimposed into wild special effects backgrounds giving your video the look of MTV. Videos given to all performers.

Play by Play - choose your favorite sport and call the play by play. Each participant gets video containing the actual play with you as the announcer in bottom corner.

Digital Message Center - digital pictures taken throughout party. In the main room a video truss is set up with three 27"monitors that will display the montage of pictures taken throughout the event. Above the monitors is a giant 6'moving sign display with your guests messages and greetings.

Rice Jewelry - names drawn on a grain of rice by our artist, then put into different shaped glass ornaments and made into necklaces.

Airbrush Art

Bead Generation - create your own beaded jewelry. We supply leather, string and a wide assortment of ceramic letter/picture beads, metal letter beads, fimo beads, old world style beads, and more. Bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and anklets can be made for a really awesome favor.

Engraving - guests get to pick from several gold and silver plated bracelets, chokers, dog tags, money clips, keychains, more. We engrave the names at the event.

Hair Wrap - our stylists come to your event and create unique colored thread wrap around thin braid of hair.

Krazy Hats - guests pick from over 30 different wacky items which are hot glued onto various style hats for a really outrageous and unique looking item.

License Plates - realistic looking, true size state and/or designer plates personalized at the party.

Waxy Wonders - create wax hand sculptures or candles.

Sand Bottle Art

Transfer Temporary Tatoos

Glass Blowing - our professional glass expert creates beautiful glass sculptures. Dozens of different designs, animals, sport items, musical instrument, etc.

Spin Art - on paper, t-shirts, boxers, frisbees, sweatshirts.

Chocolate Factory - our chefs come dressed in their baker aprons ready to serve your guests some of the best chocolate covered treats they're yet to eat. Some of which include: apples, pretzels and oreo cookies, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, and more. We provide boxes for those who want to bring them home.

Attitude Baseball ?Ski? - kango style hats: We bring the hats and patches. Each guest designs their own hat with awesome embroidered patches that our attendant will heat seal for you.

Heavenly Scents - choose from over 25 of the most popular perfumes and colognes on the market. We provide customized perfume, shampoo, cologne, soap, and bottle it on site.

Names and Faces - receive a printout with different facts, history and origin of your name. Printed on beautiful paper or mouse pad.

Psych Lites - forty watt hand painted colored light bulbs that when finished look like stained glass. Put them in a lamp and watch the psychedelic designs or names you customize radiate on the ceiling and lamp shade. Bulbs are hand painted at party and sent home in protective personalized box.

Heavenly Soaps - outrageous looking scented soaps come in over a dozen different designs and fragrances. We display them in an uncut loaf and each guest gets to pick a soap. We then cut an individual bar right before their eyes.Given to each in drawerstring bag. (personalized)

Personalized stationary - beautifully designed stationary for both male and females accented with rhinestones, art deco designs, sport players, more.

Coffee and Food Truck - Send your guests home with a little snack. Coffee, juice, doughnuts, even a newspaper, you name it our silver chrome truck will be there at your service.

Play Dough Man: Unique and exotic sculptures made out of colored dough. Hand sculpted dried and mounted at party.

Customize Your Own Wheel Of Chance - movies, vacations, rock stars, you name it. 8 sections. Includes prizes.

Virtual Reality

News of the Past

Robot - socializes, sings, dances, plays music, talks to guests.

3D Theater - watch 3-D visuals that are so real they'll jump out and grab you. Two people sit in special seats with speakers built into them. Electronic 3D glasses are put on and videos are shown with roller coaster, space ships, and more.

Pachinko and Pacheselo - one of Japans biggest sensations are a hit here too. Similar to slot machines and stand up pinball machines.

Laser Tag

Make your Own Web Page - each participant takes home a disk with their own personalized web page.

Spin To Fortune - we bring Americas #1 game show to you: Complete with electronic scoring, giant wheel, letter turning board, host, and prizes.

Beat the Clock - it’s a race against the clock as guests compete against each other in ourtageous physical challenges.

Trivia Challenge - 5 contestants at a time step up to our game show set complete with buzzers, host, and flashing lights. Contestants answer multiple choice questions on sports, tv, movies, prices of prizes - questions personalized for any

Video Name that Tune


Money Machine

Singles Game - based on MTV's Singled Out, where members of the opposite sex do silly and outrageous things and win prizes.

Friends Game - do you know your best friends favorite restaurant, celebrity, movie: Played like the newlywed game, we'll ask the questions and find out how well you really know each other. Crack Me Up: One contestant sits in a chair while another has one minute to make him or her laugh. We provide the joke books and props, three other contestants sit at the judge's panel and predict whether the person will laugh or not. Prizes for all winners.

Carnival - striped booths, games, attendants, prize stations, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, ball pit, balloon typhoon, dunk tanks, hi-strikers, more.

Casinos - blackjack, roulette, money wheel, crap table, personalized money, slot machines.

Night at the Races


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