Van Martin Productions - Specializing in Corporate Events as the premier provider of worldwide talent.
Corporate Events Celebrity Look-alike - Specializing in Corporate Events providing impersonators, celebrity look-alikeas with
Corporate Events, celebrity look-alikes
Specializing in Corporate Events providing impersonators, celebrity look-alikeas with
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Corporate Events

  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Company Picnics
  • Holiday Parties
  • Incentive Entertainment
  • National / Regional Meetings
  • Product Launches 
  • Sales Meetings
  • Trade Shows


  • Corporate Comedy

  • Corporate Imposters

  • Corporate Television Game Shows

  • Custom Corporate Theatrics

  • Custom-Written Murder Mysteries

  • Dating Game

  • Impostors

  • Jeopardy

  • Millionaire

  • Newlywed Game

  • Political Satirists

  • Survivor

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Virtual Reality

  • Wheel of Fortune

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Creative Problem Solving- Discover the fun of thinking together, with tools that provide opportunities for groups to respond collectively to creative challenges.

Team Competition - Don't just compete, pump up team spirit with games, sports, and activities suited to the skill level of your group.  

Outdoor Adventure - Experience focused team-building activities while out in nature for an even richer group experience

Celebrations - Why just celebrate when you can promote your purpose.  We've got the toys to turn your party into a celebration of achievement, cooperation, and unity.

Corporate Extreme Skills: 
Provocative, Powerful & Inspiring  ways to introduce Business-Building Activities, concepts and ideas


  • Stilt Walking Workshop
  • Juggling Workshop.
  • Executive Fire Eating Workshop


Corporations, Commercials, Television, and Movies, call Naomi's World of Entertainment for unique and spectacular performances

The David Letterman Show got an incredible stage magician to saw in half, the actor, Martin Short

Kraft Foods was thrilled when Naomi's World of Entertainment secured a Regis impersonator to conduct a series of "Millionaire" game shows for Kraft's key industry events all over the country.

Ketchum Public Relations made the grand opening of the largest nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, the event of the decade by filling the room with dead-ringer celebrity look-alikes who sailed into the party compound at night by boat.

SFM Public Relations employed the services of Naomi's World of Entertainment for an enormously successful live industrial thanks to the 25 Elvis impersonators they contracted for the launch of one of their new products.

When Pepsi said we want each division of our corporation to have their own customized murder mystery, they called Naomi's World of Entertainment.

The Juggling Matrix

Carlo Pelligrini, an accomplished juggler, draws on his unique life experience to tell a compelling story about how to make change happen in our personal and professional lives.



  • * American/Global Affairs

  • * Broadcast and Print Media

  • * Humor

  • * Management

  • * Personal Development

  • * Business Leaders

  • * Future and Technology

  • * Motivation

  • * Sports

Murder Mysteries

Your guests are at a company or personal event enjoying themselves and getting ready for the proceedings when all of a sudden one of the guests becomes the victim of foul play. A murder takes place right in the middle of the social occasion. A doctor pronounces the victim dead, an ambulance pulls in to remove the body, the police arrive and begin questioning those around the crime scene including your employees and your guests. What did they see? What do they know? What clues might they have? The mystery and the fun just begins. Naomi's World of Entertainment develops, writes, produces, and casts each custom murder mystery.


Las Vegas Casino

Whether you are planning a  igathering of 20, or a party of 2,000, we can transform any room into an exciting Las Vegas Casino, customizing each party to suit our clients' needs. We provide all top notch equipment, professional dealers and can even run the best auction in town for the"highest rollers". Often we provide such look-alikes as Pesci and DeNiro and major casino scenery pieces to go along with a Vegas theme.

TV Game Shows

Utilizing the dynamics and the excitement and the environment of a television game  show, Naomi's World of Entertainment combines the popularity of the show with  content derived from the company's product line or general industry information or selling skills or the need for employee bonding and team-building.

TV game shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Hollywood Squares, Family Feud, Concentration, and College Bowl allow for wonderfully entertaining company participation at all levels. Contestants compete in teams for awards and adoration in an authentic-looking game show setting, complete with lights, TV cameras and monitors, applause signs, models who turn over the question cards on the board, a panel of judges and a genial and confident emcee. This is a perfect and very effective concept for pulling together different company divisions and different branches all in the spirit of promoting  learning and healthy competition.

The Sixty Second Novelist

Dan Hurley invented 60-second novels and is now one of the premier special event
entertainers and is therefore perfect for your event. 60-second novels are "Your life Story in a Minute." Dan talks to each person one at a time, asking simple yet direct questions. "How's life treating you lately?" "Are you in love?" "What's your biggest dream?" He then uses the 'facts' as the basis for an imaginative, funny and warm story that he makes up and types instantly on his 1923 Remington typewriter. Guests get to keep their story in a paperback book jacket. So far, he has written over 20,000 sixty second novels.  Learn more about the 60-second Novelist

Art of the Bug Lady

Adventurer Annie Hickman is a consummate artist, dancer and world traveler.  Experience her life journey as she weaves her dance magic, shares her costume-making techniques and reflects on her travels from the streets of Paris to a spiritual Ashram in Bali.

This wholesome production is a celebration of nature for the young at heart. Refresh your mind and spirit as you travel through Annie's looking glass into another world.

Watch Annie transform into unusual creatures before your eyes. Her beautiful costumes and graceful movements will enchant you. A metamorphosis of exotic cultures and sensuous experiences await you in this magical one-woman show.

The masterful art of the Bug Lady includes such creations as The Lizard of Oz, The Red Rooster, The Delicate Centipede, The Golden Mantis, and The Lady Bug.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a new and exciting activity used for team-building which fosters group effectiveness, camaraderie, and spirit in a unique way. Based on the Scandinavian sport of orienteering where individuals use a detailed map to find flags in the forest, the Treasure Hunt is driven by a custom-made map of your site or the site of your choosing.

The object is to find the key to the treasure chest. The excitement continues to build as the group works collectively to find the key. The group soon realizes that the only way to find the key is to use their maps to find clues that, when assembled, will reveal a final riddle. Each team will have its own set of clues to find. The immediate goal of each team is to assemble their line of the riddle. All of the teams must work together in the final stage to find the key. The activity can be made more physical or more cerebral
depending upon your needs.

Typically, Treasure Hunts last several hours. A morning session of map and compass training exercises prepares all for an afternoon either on your own site or in a local park or forest.

Corporate Comedy

Tim Wilkins, Big Time Comedian

Tim specializes in customizing your company's material into his stand-up show. If you want inspirational as well as hysterically funny, hire a professional who has been making corporate audiences laugh for over a decade. As a favorite headliner on international cruise lines, Tim appeals to all demographics with clean and clever material. Tim effortlessly creates smooth transitions from one moment to the next while putting the audience at ease with a creative sense of humor. Videotape available

Don McMillan, High Tech Comedy

Don is an extraordinary combination of high tech and funny which makes him the perfect addition to any corporate event. Don won the 16th Annual San Francisco International Stand-up Comedy Competition and holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford. He was the grand champion on Star Search and has appeared on most of the major television talk shows in the last 5 years. Don maintains his high tech roots by performing hundreds of comedy shows all over the United States for such companies as IBM, Apple, and Sun Microsystems. Videotape available.